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Forever flowers, special gifts, piece of art - all in one!


"I have ordered two different kinds of flowers as a gift. It’s long-lasting, ecological, and extremely beautiful gift to give - and gives you joy for a long time. The flowers look very real!"

- Kukka Laura, Helsinki, Finland

"I have the pleasure to have one of her paper art creations in my home. Her attention to detail is exquisite. A super talented artist."

- Anna Stankevich, Artist, Helsinki, Finland

"Loved the floral crown she made for my wedding!  Couldn't be happier!!"

- Ella Suomalainen, Kuopio, Finland

"The flowers turned out to be much more stunning and realistic than I had expected. The attention to detail is amazing! We got another bouquet made after a few months."

- Geeta Chandak-Chaubal, Helsinki, Finland

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