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Shipping and Refund Policy

We offer two kinds of shipping: 

1. Local pick-up / Delivery:

Once your order is ready, we can let you know and you can choose to pick up the package on your own for free.

If you would like local delivery, let us discuss and agree upon a location, and that way we can bring the product to you for a small charge of €5.

2. Postal Service:

Each and every product is created by hand and takes many hours of detailed work. Please allow the mentioned time for delivery (it varies according to the order, and size). Once the order is ready, we use Posti services in and outside Finland, for shipping. The time will vary but we will notify you with your order number and you can track the order from your end. If you live outside Finland and you want to know the exact delivery time to your country, hit the chat and we'll let you know :-) 


As soon as you insert correctly your shipping address and your purchase payment will be successful, you’ll get a confirmation email and your order will be shipped to the given address as soon as possible (please don't forget to check the estimated delivery in the product description).  


3. Returns and refunds within 15 days:

We would like to first share that our track record has been fantastic and have received a five-star ratings from customers. So far, there have been no complaints or returns. But, no one is perfect, and so, if for some reason you would like to return the bouquet or item or change it with one or more other products - Please feel free to write to me at I'll be happy to check the issue and discuss the matter with you. Please note, this applies to undamaged products (make sure you don't water these plants!) :-)   


Having said that, unfortunately, we do not cover the shipping fees for returns and changes, however, we have arranged this mini to-do list where you will find all of the instructions steps by step. 

If you still have questions or something is unclear, click on the chat in the right corner down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible ;)



  • Follow these instructions within 15 days from the receiving day

  • Contact us to inform us of the reason for the return/change and get the updated shipping address.

  • Send us pictures of the product.

  • Please wait for our response about the decision including whether you will receive a full refund or an offer for exchange with another product of your choice of the same value. 

  • Ship the package or bring it over on your own at an agreed-upon location (only offered in Helsinki).


For the shipping method, you can use any courier or shipping service, but bare in mind that you will need to pay for it.



  • Once we will receive your request with images, we will review them and contact you.

  • Once the decision has been made, we will refund the agreed-upon amount to your bank account.

  • In case of change, we will ship again the product 

Great! Now you know everything about our shipping service! Let us know if you have more questions, you’ll find us in the chat below at the right corner, or reach us out in our social media  Facebook & Instagram.


Thank you for your trust!


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