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Welcome! I am Sukhi Raghunath, the artist behind My Sunshine Space. I am originally from Bangalore, India, and am based in Helsinki, Finland. 

 A bit about my background - I have a master's degree in communication management, and a bachelor's degree in Psychology, English, and Journalism. 

My journey with paper flowers and botanicals began when I was looking for unique, earth-friendly decor for my child's first birthday. It has been six years and I haven't stopped creating flowers since.

Why this name? Flowers flourish with sunlight! They bloom, and grow! 'My Sunshine Space' to me is one such place that harvests and encourages my creativity. 

Here, you will find nature-inspired realistic, beautiful, and exquisite paper flowers, plants, sculptures that are completely handmade. Every piece is artfully cut, coloured, shaped and built together with a lot of attention to the flowers' anatomy and features. I ensure that all materials are of high quality and earth-friendly.

In the last two years, I have been able to create lasting beauty for some of the most amazing customers - brides, new mothers, homeowners, designers and more. My Sunshine Space has also been featured in local magazines, specially curated books and art exhibitions. This has only motivated me to explore my creativity and offer more original and delightful paper flower sculptures.


For those who would like to learn the craft, I have recently begun hosting workshops. These are taught with my own tutorials, templates, and the materials are provided.

Contact me with all your flower ideas, customised creations, or workshops! Let us connect!

Pic credit: Iida Panula, Miidia Oy

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