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This Handmade paper poinsettia set, or käsintehty joulutähti as it's known in Finnish, is the perfect addition to your holiday decor. Each set includes three small pots with beautiful paper poinsettias. The flowers are 100% handmade and crafted with care, making each one unique. They make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who loves paper art or handmade items. Pair them with a handmade door wreath for a complete holiday look.

Handmade paper poinsettia set / käsintehty joulutähti (Set of three small pots)

Leaf Colour
  • The pots may vary depending on availability. Can be customised for size. If you prefer longer stems for a vase, please specify while ordering.

    The pots or vases come filled with air-dry clay, which is vegan.

    *A set comprises of three mini terracotta pots.

    *Shipping charges extra (Prices according to Posti)

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