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Order a bouquet with as many peony flowers as you want. Customise by choosing the peony variety, colour and quantity. Pick from the two varieties:

  • Coral Charm Peony
  • Double or Fluffy Bomb Peony


Each flower is handpainted and crafted and will last you long. 


Small bouquet with 3 peonies + green foliage: €105

Medium bouquet with 5 peonies + 1 bud + green foliage: €175

Large bouquet with 7 & more peonies + 2 buds + green foliage:  €245



Peony Bouquet - Small (3 flowers + green foliage) (Price starting from €105)

  • As these are completely handmade, please place your order soon and allow 2-4 weeks for delivery within Finland. 

    Shipping is charged at actuals as it depends on location. We use Posti for all our shipping needs.

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