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This range includes different styles of floral crowns and wreaths. 


Pick an elegant partially or half-covered flower crown for your special event. Please specify your choice of colours and flowers once you place your order.


This one displayed has a wedding rose, red roses and filler flowers such as Queen Anne's Lace.


A half-covered flower crown consists of one large flower, four small flowers and green foliage.





Partial-covered Flower Crowns and Wreaths

  • As these are completely handmade, please place your order soon and allow 2-4 weeks for delivery within Finland. 

    Shipping is charged at actuals as it depends on location and package size. We use Posti for all our shipping needs.

  • The products have so far never seen any need for returns or repairs. In exceptional cases, feel free to contact me and we can discuss returns or refunds. 

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