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Weddings with colour themes are getting more popular these days.

If you have a favourite colour or would just love to keep you wedding flowers forever, having a handmade paper flower bouquet is your best bet!


This blue and white creation has 21 stems and is a cascading bouquet. It has handmade crepe paper lilacs, hydrangeas, roses, orange blossoms, filler flowers and lots of foliage.


Order now and allow 3-4 months time for delivery.

Bridal bouquet - Hääkimppu

  • As these are completely handmade, please place your order soon and allow 3 - 4 months for delivery within Finland. 

    Shipping is charged at actuals as it depends on location. We use Posti for all our shipping needs.

  • Materials used are fine crepe paper, doublette crepe paper, floral wires, floral tape and pan pastel or alcohol dyes and paints for colouring. The materials are sourced from environmentally responsible and certified companies to ensure ethical practices.

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